Join Zenaton co-founder, Gilles Barbier to code and deploy a workflow for a new user activation that triggers custom emails and tasks based on use behaviour in our application and business rules we’ve written.

What we cover in the video:

  • Build a Zenaton workflow in Node.js with custom logic and Zenaton functions
  • Use the Zenaton wait function to trigger tasks when an event happens - or doesn’t happen
  • Write business rules to activate tasks and steps based on incoming data
  • Manage the flow of events between multiple services within one workflow
  • A peak at the new Zenaton sandbox where you can build and run workflows online

Github Project

View the project on Github where you can view, fork and deploy to Heroku (or your own hosting solution). You can also view all the details on our website.

Abandoned Cart Tutorial in the Sandbox

Run a workflow without installing anything and do some coding of your own to manipulate the logic for custom scenarios.

Getting Started from the Zenaton documentation

Walk through installing the Zenaton agent and writing/running your first task and workflows