Zenaton on Product Hunt with over 90 API connectors.

We have been building Zenaton for 18 months now and are thrilled to launch on Product Hunt and gain exposure and feedback from all corners of the internet!

For more than 10 years, I have watched countless teams of developers struggle to stay agile while building products with more and more complex backends.

So we’ve built Zenaton so that even a single developer can code and run processes with the exact custom logic and integrations that they need for their users and whatever their level of complexity. Things like...

  • Trigger personalized email sequences for e-commerce, delivery services, event booking, etc
  • Run data pipelines or simple ETL processes.
  • Automate customer support services based on customer requests and behaviour.
  • User onboarding and activation sequences based on users' activity over several months.

Connecting APIs

We have received a lot of encouragement and feedback along the way that has helped to shape our vision and product roadmap. We have discovered that while Zenaton makes it easy to build and manage the integration logic for third party services, building and managing the API calls within a task is a chore.

Low code integration tools such as Zapier fall short in this context, due to deferred processing, lack of flexibility (limitations on what you can do with APIs, limitation on scenarios), lack of monitoring and pricing for a large volume.

So, we are releasing over 90 new API connectors that will manage the authentication for by adding one line of code. The API connectors are currently only for our (beta) node.js SDK but we've provided a guide to building your own 'API call' task in the other languages we support. A few examples of connectors we have: stripe, sendgrid, slack, salesforce, airtable, ...

connectors cards

Zenaton handles all the technical complexity of a stateful distributed system, allowing engineers to focus on the business logic. Because the control flow of these services is so crucial to your product, it is important to have full control over the logic and be able to easily understand and make updates.

Zenaton offers a simple way to describe and run your long-running flow control by coding special functions into your application using your preferred programming language (currently Node.js, Python, Ruby, and PHP). The functions dictate the timing of tasks and allow waiting for a duration or event, reacting to incoming data or events, scheduling and more cool stuff.

Using the functions, generally, a few dozen lines of code are all that is needed to code, run and monitor flows, as all the heavy lifting is done by our engine, and our infrastructure.