Errors Handling

Debugging your jobs

Background tasks will fail. APIs can become temporarily unavailable, databases fail, networks are unreliable and more... In order to fix errors, Zenaton provides the tools to quickly identify and retry errors.

  • Errors are automatically reported on the Dashboard and categorized by workflow or task and error type
  • Drill down to see error messages, stacktrace and more
  • Pause, retry or kill the workflow or tasks

Failures are identified and reported on your Zenaton Dashboard . In case of a failure during a running instance, you can quickly see the details by clicking on the failed task. The task detail will appear with stacktrace.

Stacktrace detail async jobs

Errors Tab

On the Zenaton Dashboard, the Errors Tab shows a list of all failed tasks whether there are single tasks or included workflows.

Errors Tab Asynchronous Jobs

Errors details

When you click on an error class, you have all the details about failed tasks and have the opportunity to retry all manually.

Errors Tab Asynchronous Jobs


Zenaton allows you to retry your failed tasks if there are errors.

Manual Retry

Click on the retry button from the workflow interface or directly using Errors Tab.

Automatic Retry

You can set up your own automatic retries inside a workflow. We wrote an example where tasks are retried 4 times over a 10-minute period, which should cover most of the short-time unavailability that could happen. Read this use case.