Pricing at Any Scale

Our free plan allows you to use Zenaton until your project isin production and you are ready to increase the number of tasks.


Free$0Basic Features

Lite Features

  • 10k tasks/month
  • 10 tasks/second
  • 3 environments
  • Alerting (30 days preview)
  • Monitoring (30 days preview)
  • 7 days data retention
  • Slack support
  • 3 team members


Starting at$79/monthIncluded: 200 hours of executionExtended: 0.300$ per hour of execution

Standard Features

  • 1M tasks/month
  • 1000 tasks/second
  • 30 environments
  • Alerting
  • Monitoring
  • 30 days data retention
  • Email/Slack support
  • 10 team members


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Volume Features

  • Dedicated Infrastructure
  • Unlimited environments
  • Extended data retention
  • Developer Guidance & Support
  • Phone support
  • 99.99% SLA

Pricing FAQ's

How are hours of execution calculated?

It is the processing time of tasks and decisions. For example, if your tasks takes 1 second to be processed, then 3600 tasks would add up to 1 hour of execution.

Are 'waiting' tasks included in hours of execution?

No :)

Does processing tasks in parallel impact the total hours of execution?

Not really. If you have 1000 task to process. So whether you choose to process tasks one by one, sequentially, or per ten in parallel, the total processing time or hours of execution will be about the same.

What is an environment on Zenaton ?

Environments are used to isolate workflow or task instances between team members or between development and production. For each app on Zenaton we automatically create 3 environments: dev, staging and production.

What information is included in data retention ?

Zenaton retains information relative to tasks and workflows after termination during data retention period. Ongoing tasks or workflows remain accessible.

What information does Zenaton have access to?

Zenaton only has access to event, task and workflow names, inputs and outputs which are visible on your dashboard. You may choose to encrypt data if it is sensitive.


Subscription Plans

Our pricing plans are designed so that you are only charged for the volume of tasks and duration of executing tasks. This makes it flexible so that teams can use Zenaton to run a single task or workflow alongside their other infrastructure - perhaps something that requires more monitoring or error handling or they can replace entire processes and infrastructure. We have found that most customers start using Zenaton for a particular pain point and then grow in their usage so we have designed our pricing plans to grow along with our customers.

Do I have to enter my credit card details to sign up?

No. You can create an account by entering your email address and the name of your organization, and then you will be able to start coding background jobs.

How can I manage team members, programming languages and applications?

You can use any (or all) programming languages for one account or in one application. One user account can also create multiple apps and invite team members to some of all of their applications. Each application (or project) will have its own pricing plan.

Why choose a startup plan?

A startup plan is ideal for teams or individuals that that want to use Zenaton for a specific feature or workflow. It can also be used for the entire backend infrastructure for a MVP or startup that needs to iterate quickly, reduce their time to market and focus their time on writing core code instead of managing queuing systems, message brokers and database states.

Why choose an enterprise plan?

The enterprise plan is ideal for companies that want to increase reliability with a dedicated infrastructure and SLA.

Can I try Zenaton before upgrading to a paid plan?

Absolutely! When you create an account, you are automatically put on the Free plan which allows you full use of our service until you exceed 10,000 jobs. This allows you to write and launch your tasks and workflows into production and take advantage of all of our features including monitoring, error handling, alerting, scheduling and more. You can upgrade to a paid plan at any time by entering your credit card information in the billing information.

Can I change my mind ? Can I cancel my subscription ?

If you change your mind, you can cancel your plan at any time directly from your account in billing tab and you will automatically be placed on the free plan.

What happens if I exceed my plan ?

We will send you a notification if you exceed your current plan and you will have the option to upgrade for the future or either just temporarily for the current month.

Still have questions?

Please chat with us and we will be happy to answer any questions.