Easy orchestration
for developers

Coding your business or marketing processes is a real pain. Zenaton makes it really easy.

Amazing Features

With Zenaton, you can write your processes as you think about them. It's the freedom to do what you love most: Write code easier and with more confidence.
Higher velocity
Orchestration has never been easier. Deliver new features and new processes faster. Plus, maintenance is dead simple.
Coming to all Platforms
We're working hard to make Zenaton easy to use in your preferred language or framework.
We Have Your Back
When a task fails, we will tell you. Once a code fix is pushed, a simple click of a button will resume the workflow execution.
Our engine has been developed on Elixir, known for its extraordinary scaling capacities and its resilience. You are ready to scale up to infinity.
Analytics for your code (soon)
Automatically get analytics for your processes, without having to implement anything extra.
Visual dashboards
Observe the execution of your processes in real time. Share what's *really* happening on your platform with your product or marketing team.
Event Management
Let a running process know that something has changed or inform it of an external event to change its behavior.
Long-Running Workflows
Operate weeks-long or months-long workflows without having to store or maintain any state by yourself.
Passionate Support
The entire Zenaton team is committed to helping you build what your business needs.

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