Workflow Engine as a Service

Build real time alerting workflows, ETL processes and personalized events within the customer journey.

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Build Features Instead of Infrastructure

Deliver sophisticated processes with a few lines of code

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Unleash your Creativity

Trigger actions based on user behaviour, time factors, incoming data or external events. Build custom logic deep within the user journey using product events and external services to deliver a more personalized experience.

Shorten your development cycle

Zenaton allows you to easily build and run the logic connecting internal and external services into your application so that you can quickly prototype, iterate, and reduce the time-to-production for each process.

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Everything as Code

Zenaton workflows are multi-step sequences of tasks and events that can be writtendirectly into your application. Anyone on your tech team can easily read,implement, troubleshoot and modify the business logic in workflows.

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Simplified Infrastructure Sophisticated Logic

The Business logic is written into your code and executed through Zenaton workflow engine that manages the queuing, storing of database states and then executes tasks on your servers.

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Built for Developers

Zenaton is for ambitious and agile developers and teams that are building sustainable software and care about flexibility, adaptability, and easy maintenance.

"It improved our user's confidence by sending communications and reaching out at key moments in their journey."

Case Study André, CTO at Tradee

"We initially implemented Zenaton for real-time notification management but are now thinking about all of the new possibilities available to us with this tool."

David, CTO at Shippeo

"Zenaton allows us to focus on the functionalities that need to be developed. We no longer think about the infrastructure behind the business."

Case Study Olivier, CTO at Mobile Club

Zenaton in Action

Browse through a few examples in our documentation of how Zenaton can be implemented.

Calculate and send real-time alerts

Workflow that computes a car service ETA from an internal API and sends the user alerts one hour before arrival and anytime the ETA changes by more than 20 minutes.

Grocery Order and Deliver Service

Orchestrate several workflows, triggering tasks using events from external APIs and user behaviour to send communications and data at the right time.

Employee Onboarding Workflow

Automated workflow for onboarding new employees. Schedule meetings, create accounts for all of the team software tools and email documents.

Simple Scraping + ETL Process

Scrape reviews from Tripadvisor urls, run sentiment analysis/algorithm in parallel and then store results to a google sheet. Schedule the process every week

Document Validation Workflow

Manage identity verification. A user uploads documents, we send them to a third party API and send the user reminders for what is missing.

Trigger Emails from third party APIs

Workflow that triggers an email after 3 days of cold weather. Trigger notification based on data from an external API and time factors.

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