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Code Control Flows
Within Your Apps

Build event-driven processes in days instead of months.

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A Powerful Orchestration Engine
for Developers.

Define the sequence of steps within a workflow using our functions and the Zenaton Engine distributes the execution of jobs onto your workers at the right time.

Zenaton SDK Functions

Add the functions to build the control flow around business logic and tasks. The zenaton engine orchestrates the timing of executions on your workers. Include functions like wait for a specific time or event, react to external events within a workflow, run parallel tasks or create schedules by adding just one line of code.

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90+ API Connectors for Node.js

Add and manage API calls inside a workflow using our out of the box connectors for Node.js with managed authentication, automatic retries and monitoring. Or build a task to call an API or internal service within a workflow.

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Centralized Monitoring and Error Handling

The dashboard offers visibility on all processes run through the Zenaton engine and offers a troubleshooting toolset for failures. Receive alerts for errors and timeouts with stacktrace and logs. Retry failed tasks from the dashboard, build in automatic retries, or write fallback logic into workflows to trigger new actions.

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Gain Superpowers

Whatever the size of your technical team, Zenaton empowers you to deliver world-class processes.

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x5 your speed to deliver new workflows

Implement sophisticated business processes, long-running marketing scenarios or data pipelines in a fraction of the time it usually takes.

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Improve your team's productivity

Simplify the process of implementing workflows. When using Zenaton, there is no need to store transient states, write database requests or run cron jobs.

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Build a more agile company

Easily iterate or A/B test your business processes. Test if adding a moderation process will impact your KPIs or A/B test whether its more efficient to wait 2 vs 3 days for a valiation.

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Ensure your processes documentation is up-to-date

The business logic is easy to read in the code - and it is always up to date and accurate. There is no need to maintain separate documentation.

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Improve your code readability

Zenaton allows you to separate tasks and workflows. The code describing your processes is well defined and easy to read for everyone on the team.

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Improve communication within your teams

Zenaton dashboards allow all of your teams including tech, product, support and marketing - to easily see how your processes are performing.

Built for Developers

Zenaton is for ambitious and agile developers that build software and care about flexibility, adaptability and reliability.

"It improved our user's confidence by sending communications and reaching out at key moments in their journey."

Case Study André, CTO at Tradee

"We initially implemented Zenaton for real-time notification management but are now thinking about all of the new possibilities available to us with this tool."

David, CTO at Shippeo

"Zenaton allows us to focus on the functionalities that need to be developed. We no longer think about the infrastructure behind the business."

Case Study Olivier, CTO at Mobile Club

Zenaton in Action

Browse through a few examples in our documentation of how Zenaton can be implemented.

Car service ETA notifications

Workflow that computes a car service ETA from an internal API and sends the user notifications one hour before arrival and anytime the ETA changes by more than 20 minutes.

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Product Return

Workflow that optimizes a customer product return process by automating customer support internal processes and interfacing with services: Sengrid, Zendesk, TrustPilot ..

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Employee onboarding workflow

Automated workflow for onboarding new employees: schedule meetings, create accounts ... The employees also receive personalize onboarding content via an onboarding form.

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Simple scraping + ETL process

Scrape reviews from Tripadvisor urls, run sentiment analysis/algorithm in parallel and then store results to a google sheet. Schedule the process every week

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Document validation workflow

Manage identity verification. A user uploads documents, we send them to a third party API and send the user reminders for what is missing.

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Location Booking & Deposit Process

It manages booking and deposit process for an online reserversation site where users can book event spaces at restaurants.

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