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Workflow Builder
for Developers

Manage customer and data processes across your applications.

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Deliver Production-Ready Workflows in days

Build better software
with less technical resources
Why Zenaton
Zenaton workflows
Customer Processes

Build an event-driven Customer Journey

Build personalized communications for each customer process based on data and behaviour. Wait for events and trigger communications or actions at the right time applying business rules for every path.

Data Processes & Custom Integrations

Integrate cloud services with your applications

Build workflows orchestrating data and events between internal applications and third party APIs. Write custom logic to wait for events, trigger actions and update data across tools in real time.

Zenaton workflows

Workflows as Code

Create an infinite amount of possibilities. Combine Zenaton functions
with javascript to write custom logic and manipulate data.
Include loops, wait function, parallel and asynchronous executions.
More workflows

000's of Developer Hours Saved

Zenaton is for ambitious and agile developers that build software and care about flexibility, adaptability and reliability.

Read what our customers are saying

"It improved our user's confidence by sending communications and reaching out at key moments in their journey."

Case Study André, CTO at Tradee

"with Zenaton I need only 1 engineer to handle both the business logic and the scalability/reliability... at Box, we needed two teams of about 12 people to deal with this!"

Florian Jourda, CTO at Wave

"Zenaton allows us to focus on the functionalities that need to be developed. We no longer think about the infrastructure behind the business."

Case Study Olivier, CTO at Mobile Club

Simplified Infrastructure Sophisticated Logic

The Business logic is written into your code and executed through Zenaton workflow engine that manages the queuing, storing of database states and then executes tasks on your servers.

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Control Timing

Manage the timing of actions within workflows using Zenaton wait functions. Wait for an event or trigger an action if the event does not happen within a specified time frame.

Zenaton Dasbhoard

A powerful orchestration engine
with built in monitoring and error handling.

Monitoring & Error handling