This January we gathered (online) for the first Zenaton user conference to give our customers a chance to share their experiences and to get direct feedback on our product roadmap and the new product updates we've made recently.

Check out the highlights and videos below!

Customer Presentations

Three Zenaton customers presented on how they are using Zenaton and talked about the impact its had on their customer engagement or processes.

Shopify Refund Workflow Presentation

David is an technology strategist and consultant for ecommerce websites with a specialty in Netsuite and shopify.

David shows us how he used Zenaton to write a workflow to automate a refund process for a shopify store with 1500 refunds and saved hours of work and errors from manually calculating and issuing refunds.

The workflow is for a meal subscription and delivery service that uses shopify and charges subscription plans through Recharge/Stripe. He walks us through the end to end process and shows how the workflow instance launches with the quantity of items to be refunded for a specific customer, grabs the order ID from shopify, calculates the original price per item (including promotions and bulk discounts) and then issues a refund through recharge for the amount of the quantity refunded.

See the full workflow example.

Fabulous Daily Motivation App

Amine Ladhaari, Founder of the Fabulous App shares how his team used Zenaton to automate personalized communications that have increased engagement within their app driven their users to achieve their goals.

The Fabulous App is a mobile app with millions of downloads that helps users change their habits.

The Fabulous has been using Zenaton for almost a year and has built a configuration layer using Airtable which stores user data and campaign content and variables so that they can easily manage and control some workflow variables of workflows through an simple interface.

Amine shared a few of their use cases with us:

  • A/B testing
  • user onboarding
  • Rebuilt their data pipeline using Zenaton (previously in Apache Airflow)
  • manage campaigns that send more targeted content based on user's engagement with the campaigns and interactions within their app.

Florian Jourda talks about how is using Zenaton to build automation for lead qualification. is a service to provide coaching through data.

Florian shares how they have used Zenaton to scale a service process automating a lead generation program using incoming emails, slack, calendar scheduling, and contracts.

He also shares a great lineup of best practices on managing task input/output, creating a source of truth for state management and managing groups of related workflows and tasks.

And our favourite quote from Florian:

Zenaton its crazy simple to create workflows. Its like a big hammer and now, everything looks like a nail

Presentation on our new features

Watch co-founder Gilles Barbier present on our new product updates and share use cases and best practices.

A few highlights from his presentation:

A Zenaton Project

Recommended architecture: A separation between workflows and your applications.

Previously, Zenaton workflows were written within your main application repo and codebase. Now, workflows can be written and hosted in their own project and interact with any web applications:

  • use the Zenaton GraphQL API to launch workflows, send events or manage workflow execution from any ANY web application
  • call/integrate with third party APIs in workflow tasks using the third party SDK or another http client. You can also trigger actions within your own applications by calling an http endpoint

Whats new in our Node.js SDK

see full release notes

Document Validation Example Project

Then Gilles shared an example of a project using the new syntax and guidelines. Here is the flow chart:

Want to get a closer look, you can view this project on github or grab our Y boilerplate project on github to start a new Zenaton project using the new structure.

You can catch this part of the video starting around 39:00.

Zenaton Resources

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