Real-World Examples

Browse real-world examples of Zenaton workflows. Workflows are sequences of steps triggered by external events (APIs, data, etc)
or internal events (user behaviour, etc).

Data Process

Scrape and Analyze Restaurant Reviews

A simple ETL Workflow that scrapes Tripadvisor reviews for a restaurant for the current month and runs a sentiment analysis on each review for positive or negative aspects. Then, the results are saved to a Google sheet where a report is generated.

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User Activation Process

Document Validation

A Workflow for a document validation process that verifies a user's identity via a third party API/service based on the documents that they upload.

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Employee Process

Automated Onboarding for New Employees

A workflow that automates the onboarding process for a new employee. It automatically schedules meetings, creates an account in software tools and sends HR docs for review.
The employee also receive personalize onboarding content based on an online questionnaire.

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Customer Support Process

Product Return Workflow

A workflow to optimize a product return process by automating internal customer support processes and interfacing with Chronopost, Sengrid, Zendesk and TrustPilot API.
When the customer requests a return, a parcel ID and tracking number is automatically generated and emailed to the customer along with personalized communications based on the status and return parameters. Then for some customers, an account manager may be assigned to reach out or an email may be sent requesting an online review for an exchanged product.

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Real-Time Alerting Process

Real-time alerts using real time data from a vehicle tracking API

A workflow to manage real time calculations and customer communications (emails and SMS) for a delivery or car service. Using real time vehicle tracking data from an internal API the workflow periodically calculates the duration to delivery and ETA and sends notifications to the customer - 1 hour before the ETA, if the ETA has changed by more than 20 minutes after the first notification, and 2 minutes before arrival.

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E-commerce Process

Classical Workflows on an E-commerce Website

A series of workflows illustrating multiple processes of a basic e-commerce website including a check-out, abandoned cart and shipping workflow. Some workflows will trigger other workflows when events happen.

e commerce workflow
booking workflow


Location Booking & Deposit Process

A workflow that manages the booking confirmation and deposit process for an online reservation site where users can book event spaces at restaurants. The workflow launches when the user books a site (or requests a booking if we add this) and triggers emails or SMS messages when the user or location-owner needs to be notified or take action. It also sends slack notifications to the customer success teams keeping them updated on each step.

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