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the family
Zenaton monitoring workflows

We used Zenaton to rebuild our onboarding process for new members of our community (asynchronous emails, slack messages, and backend processes). It allowed us to build complex workflows that we would've never been able to setup on Zapier (not for lack of trying!), without adding much complexity. The interface makes it easy to track ongoing executions and be alerted when there's a failure. The team is very responsive, pushing updates often and producing a lot of content to help & inspire users. Highly recommend it!

Lorenzo Castro, The Family

the family
Zenaton monitoring workflows

At, we rely on a lot of external services to build our systems - this empowers us to focus more on our business rather than re-invent the wheel again and again for technical subjects. One of the most useful and newer services we use is definitely Zenaton. It helps us to solve complex asynchronous operations/workflows that we have to run for our customers. The management of wait and recurring workflows is always a challenge in a basic job or queuing system and being able to just do a Wait().days(7) with Zenaton is really cool. Their dashboard is great and really easy to use. You can easily see the logs and retry any operations that failed with a click! We at MobileClub, highly recommend Zenaton for any asynchronous jobs / tasks you need to run for your system! It will speed-up all your development and you will be able to focus on your business!

Maxime Janton, Software Developer at Mobile Club

the fabulous
Zenaton monitoring workflows

We used Zenaton as a replacement for apache airflow for our ETL jobs and we are really glad we did. We now have reliable orchestration with monitoring and alerting out of the box. As a small team, we use Zenaton pretty much for every automation such as our marketing workflows, cron jobs, etc. The dev experience is great and the team is very responsive. Highly recommend!

Amine Laadhari, CEO at The Fabulous

bellman logo
Zenaton monitoring workflows

We started using Zenaton for our complex payment process (generate invoices, send by mail / email, deep integration with Stripe, automatic follow-up, integration with accounting...). The team really helped us from the beginning - they even provided code to start our implementation. It's very easy to start with, and they keep pushing useful updates (I love the cron tasks, and can't wait to test the new API connectors). We now use Zenaton for lots of use cases such as communication workflows with our customers (ex: onboarding), backend jobs.etc.

Jonathan Ratier, CTO at Bellman

wave logo
Zenaton monitoring workflows

It's pretty simple: with Zenaton I now need only 1 engineer to handle both the business logic and the scalability/reliability of all my async jobs (drip emails, data processing, email reminders, daily crons). When I used to work at Box, we needed two teams of about 12 people to deal with this! It's so easy to create and manage complex async workflows that I even realized I was starting to create more workflows and sub-workflows than I really needed 😅. Zenaton is your magic workflow hammer :)

Florian Jourda, CTO at Wave

youshould logo
Zenaton monitoring workflows

Zenaton is the best product to handle your workflows. I divided my code size in two and sped up the code production by three.

Timothée Emery, CTO at YouShould

shippeo logo
Zenaton monitoring workflows

At Shippeo, we started using Zenaton a year ago and we couldn't be happier. We had a lot of crons polling every minute or so, for events bound to happen in hours or days. We have replaced all of those by Zenaton workflows which are much more understandable and scalable. We were also able to create new complex features with the services that would have been way too complicated to implement without it. We're not stopping there, we find more ways to use Zenaton every day. A few strong points : - The documentation is really good (a point not to be neglected for sure !). - The dashboard is understandable and easy to use. - Communication is always on point, whether its about running processes or new features from Zenaton. - Last but not least : the team is great and always available to help with new features or to implement best practices on existing workflows. We could not recommend them more !

Martin Le Roy, Software Engineer at Shippeo

tradee logo
Zenaton monitoring workflows

Zenaton has been great for us. We coded our first production case in far less than a day. Since then we have been moving a lot of our logic to workflows. Gilles and his team are eager to help and very reactive. We found out that it also led the marketing team to rethink our user interaction and integrate it in workflows to better serve our users and our staff. This may sound obvious to powerhouse software companies that are familiar with user life cycle but for us, Zenaton has been a breather and offered a very decisive boost in our user interaction and management. Over time we have learned to balance our code between reusable business logic and Zenaton scheduling/event management. Keep up the good work.

André Tzincoca, CTO at Tradee

qemotion logo
Zenaton monitoring workflows

We have been using Zenaton for several months and it is a real pleasure! Zenaton saves us valuable time and allows us to think of features that were difficult for us to implement with our small team of developers. The Zenaton team is great, and offers perfect technical support

Dorian Coffinet, Lead Developer at Qemotion