Send email when a charge is paid on Stripe

A workflow that create a charge on Stripe and trigger an email via Sendgrid sent to the user

Workflow Code

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let stripe = null;
let sendgrid = null;

module.exports.handle = function* ({ email, amount, currency, template_id }) {
  stripe = this.connector("stripe", stripeConnectorId);
  sendgrid = this.connector("sendgrid", sendgridConnectorId);

  // Create a charge on Stripe
  yield"/charges", {
    body: `currency=${currency}&amount=${amount}&source=tok_visa&receipt_email=${email}`

  // Send email with Sendgrid
  yield"/mail/send", {
    body: {
      personalizations: [
          to: [{ email: email }],
          dynamic_template_data: { email, amount, currency, subject }
      template_id: template_id,
      from: { email: "" }

Workflow input

A workflow instance is launched with the following input.\ A workflow can be launched using the quick launch button on the sandbox or via http.

  "email": "",
  "amount": "4000",
  "currency": "usd",
  "template_id": "34"

Get your API keys from Stripe

If you don't already have a stripe account, you can create a test account at You will need your Stripe test API keys, and secret key to create the API connector on Zenaton.

Stripe dashboard

Ideas to improve the workflow:

This is a simple workflow to get you started with Zenaton but can be modified for more complicated logic.

  • Send emails with customized messages based on the customer's information or behaviour. This data could be sent in the workflow input or you could add a step to the workflow to grab it from your database.
  • If it is the first time the customer has been charged for a subscription, send a different email.
  • If the amount paid by the user is more than X, then trigger a slack notification to a team member to follow up.
  • Add A/B testing in the workflow and send a notification on slack only if there is a big gap in the metrics for opening / click rate

View the Github Project. __View all of the files, fork the project and deploy to Heroku in a few clicks. Or run it in the online sandbox without needing to install Zenaton.

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