Zenaton was founded to help developers to code and run marketing and business processes such as:


Why are these so important? The lean startup methodology has become common practice in the startup world and you know the importance of iterating on your ideas. For most companies, a big part of the user experience is based on the quality of your processes. But iterating on processes has a hidden cost:

Iteration on processes

For each process, for each improvement, you need to update your technical platform, add more states, add more crons (scheduled tasks) — which is a lot of work that developers usually do not like at all. Eventually, this leads to more layers of complexity and more technical debt.

Your product team also needs to perform analyses on a moving platform. Gathering data to perform these analyses requires ad-hoc database requests and a redefined understanding of the technical implementation. All of this irrevocably slows down your technical team and thus your entire company.

That is where Zenaton’s core value resides. Besides being a technical enabler, facilitating the implementation of business or marketing processes, Zenaton eventually becomes a business enabler by making all those iterations much, easier and notably quicker (x5 as estimated by a current customer):

  • implementing ideas becomes trivial (see eg. this example on how to build a marketplace );
  • analysis becomes easier, as Zenaton provides real-time and statistics monitoring and analytics tooling. The technical team no longer needs to spend time and energy to measure data from the platform;
  • updating processes becomes trivial, as Zenaton provides the opportunity to let currently running processes finish while using the new implementation with new instances. So updating existing processes does not slow down your iteration velocity:

Optimize iteration

Zenaton allows you to completely focus on iterating on your business logic, which lets your team move faster than ever. And since speed wins, it’s a real game-changer for your business.

We see our mission as helping our customers to provide much better service and a much better user experience. Contact us to evaluate how you can use Zenaton to give you super-powers.

_[_Zenaton](https://zenaton.com) is for technical teams that understand that their primary mission is to improve the business through quick iterations and new ideas, not spending most of their time solving purely technical issues. If you have additional questions (or other use cases), feel free to contact me at gilles at zenaton.com or to ask them below 👇